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​PEACE is a research and innovation project funded under the EU Horizon Europe programme by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. We aim to develop an innovative technology of high-pressure alkaline electrolysis (AEL) to produce hydrogen – our technology should be green, effective, less expensive and with low environmental impacts.


Our technology will be developed in 5 steps (with a certain level of simplification):

  • First, we will test suitable and non-noble materials for AEL cells and stack components.
  • Second, the best performed materials and components will be assembled to form an electrolysis PEACE stack – the demonstrator.
  • Third, the demonstrator will be enriched by our concept of dual pressurisation.
  • Fourth, our PEACE AEL stack gets operational – its functioning will be evaluated and further simulations of its behaviour and characteristics will be conducted.
  • Fifth, the environmental and other impacts of the PEACE technology will be assessed, and the entire process of PEACE hydrogen production will be conceptually integrated with a chemical plant capable of directly utilising the PEACE hydrogen for the subsequent manufacturing of chemical products.


As the EU Hydrogen Strategy explains, green hydrogen can be used as a fuel for transport and industrial processes, and new industrial products might be manufactured (such as green fertilisers and steel). Furthermore, hydrogen is well-known for its energy storage potential which allows for renewable energy to be kept in large quantities and for long periods of time, hence improving the flexibility of the energy sector.

To boost the hydrogen economy and make it more competitive, a substantial reduction of hydrogen production costs is necessary – we will attempt to get closer to the production costs of grey hydrogen.

We aim to contribute to a sustainable and low-emission European society. The reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), remains the most significant challenge. To achieve this, we need to increase the share of renewable energy and the energy efficiency. To meet these goals, the production of green hydrogen through AEL – where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen while using renewable electricity - offers a viable solution.


The project is being implemented in the period of June 2023 to May 2025 thanks to the European Commission and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership that provide us financial support to deliver the PEACE technology.

The PEACE project is being carried out by seven entities under the coordination of the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR). The scientific core of the project consortium consists of three well-known research organizations – DLR, BTU, and TU/e – with large electrochemical expertise. DTU researchers offer know-how in sustainability and circularity aspects of a technology. The concept of integrating PEACE hydrogen production with a chemical plant will be proposed by HyCC - one of the largest hydrogen companies in the world. MMI provides knowledge in production of scientific instruments and systems for energy research. GG supports PEACE research activities with project promotion and dissemination and exploitation of its results.

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
The Hydrogen Chemistry CompanyTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und RaumfahrtBrandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus Senftenberg
Grant Garant
Materials Mates Italia


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The project is supported by
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