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About GG

Grant GarantGG, an SME, has been providing consulting services since 2004 for the preparation and management of international research and innovation projects, as well as conducting research project management. GG offers services in analysing target groups relevant to technology transfer, including communication with key regulators and policy-makers through its expert network. The company has expertise in data management for scientific projects, communication, dissemination, and exploitation of results from research and innovation projects. Additionally, GG assists clients in commercializing their project results.


GG is leading WP6 which is mostly dedicated to project communication and dissemination. GG will define the project´s communication and dissemination strategy, encompassing exploitable results and plans for their further use. GG manages PEACE promotion, runs the project website and social media accounts. Alongside these responsibilities, GG supports the consortium in terms of data management and intellectual property issues. The GG team is led by Karolína Řípová.


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