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About MMI

Materials Mates ItaliaMaterials Mates Italia was founded in 2006 to produce advanced scientific instrumentation in the field of Material Science and to provide technical support to both industries and universities. The product range include Fuel Cells and Electrolysers test benches, bespoke cells, and specialized measuring instruments developed in cooperation with the most important laboratories studying energy generation and storage. Throughout the years, MMI has transferred knowledge and solutions from its laboratory to industrial customers through its Engineering /Consulting Branch.

MMI - Materials Mates Italia


Since 2006, MMI has supplied more than twenty hydrogen system shared between fuel cells and electrolysers. In the last four years, MMI has also provided high pressure (30 to 50 bar) electrolyser test stands, including cells and stacks. The MMI team is led by Paolo Lupotto.

MMI is in charge of the technical needs of the project regarding the adaptation and utilisation of the test rig. MMI designs, produces, and commissions the mechanical and hydraulic components of the stacks to be employed in the PEACE project, up to the proof of concept (PoC) level. This includes exploration of materials and working techniques to be applied. MMI leads WP3 and contributes to WP4, and to a lesser extent, to WP2 and WP6.


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