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Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetDTU is an elite technical university renowned for its high-level research and education, catering more than 13,000 students across 87 study programmes. DTU sees technology as a pivotal tool for driving change and adopts the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation for its activities. The university research in natural and technical sciences frequently takes a cross-disciplinary approach and involves other academic, private and public partners to foster innovation transfer. DTU is recognized for its provision of highly competent scientific advice and its support for innovation through wide assistance to start-ups.


For over two decades, the Circularity & Environmental Impact research division of the DTU Sustain department has been immersed in environmental assessments of technologies and systems. During this time, they have developed EASETECH, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model tailored for conducting detailed bottom-up evaluations of environmental technologies, including their inputs, processes, and intricate interconnections with surrounding technological systems. The DTU team is led by Valentina Bisinella.

Within the WP6, the DTU team will undertake the LCA of PEACE pressurized hydrogen production. The LCA will focus on evaluating the circularity and sustainability aspects of the technology, with a particular attention to the impacts of pressurization. This analysis will involve a comparative assessment of the technology vis-à-vis alternative methods that do not involve pressurisation. DTU will also actively participate in other WP6 activities.


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