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The Hydrogen Chemistry CompanyHyCC is a leading industrial partner for safe and reliable green hydrogen supplies and circular chemistry solutions to enable the transition to zero-carbon industry. Building on over 100 years of experience in electrolysis and its leadership in safety, HYCC realizes pioneering water electrolysis projects to supply industries with zero-carbon hydrogen from renewable power and water. From making sustainable steel to circular jet fuels – HYCC believes that green hydrogen is the key to providing a growing population with essential products, with zero emissions to realize more sustainable economic development. HyCC is a joint venture of European essential chemical company Nobian and Macquarie Asset Management’s Green Investment Group.


Leveraging its extensive experience in green hydrogen production and its subsequent applications, HyCC undertakes the role of owner-operator of large-scale water electrolysis plants within the PEACE project. In this capacity, HYCC contributes insights regarding the most suitable applications, locations, and scales at which the technology developed through the PEACE project can be effectively deployed. The HYCC team is led by Fernanda Neira D´Angelo.

The Hydrogen Chemistry Company

Source: HYCC

HYCC will provide end-user requirements for the developed technologies, focusing on crucial aspects like required gas purity, safety protocols, operational flexibility, allowable plant costs, and essential operating strategies, all of which are necessary for achieving certification as green hydrogen (as per WP4 and WP5). Additionally, HYCC will perform calculations to determine the total CAPEX (Capital Expenditures) and OPEX (Operating expenditures) costs for an entire plant built upon the developed technology (as detailed in WP5).


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